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We strongly believe in tradition and our history.

The Slavonian oak barrel, with a capacity of little over 30 hl, is our wines’ starting point, the perfect “home” for “La Mannella” Rosso, Brunello and Brunello Riserva, whereas Brunello “Poggiarelli” rests in French oak tonneaux.
Deciding for how long it will age is up to us; each vintage is different, therefore each ageing period is different.

Rarely, however, do our wines rest for less than 3 years in a wooden barrel; indeed, large barrels allow us to have long ageing periods without the release of excessive aromas that would modify the grapes’ primary scents and therefore those of the wine, of the vintage in question.

Brunello “Poggiarelli” instead rests in tonneaux for about 24 months, a stretch of time we consider sufficient to obtain the optimal balance between the exaltation of its freshness and ageing.

We bet on the essentials to achieve the exceptional.